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Bored if anyone wants to just chat

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Bored if anyone wants to just chat

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This week she talks with a group of eighth graders at Seabrook Intermediate School in Seabrook, Texas, who are stuck at home because of the coronavirus pandemic. To entertain themselves, they hosted a PowerPoint party on Saturday.

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Lane: The structure of going to school every day for seven hours and coming home—that kind of structure was something that I relied on for so long. Julie Beck: When do you remember first hearing about the coronavirus outbreak? Andrew: I did my anyonne on Parks and Recreation characters.

Each of them prepared a slide presentation on a topic of their choice ranging from astronomy to unsolved murders to Disney princesses and shared it with the others over the videochat software Zoom. And all the concerts are canceled also. Audrey: Whenever you have a normal conversation about something, you can go justt all these different directions.

Unfortunately, our website is currently unavailable in most European countries. Beck: Has this experience of being isolated changed the way that you think about your friendships?

My friends and I also had a PowerPoint party this weekend. I need to know this. Andrew: A big statewide band competition. Carly: I was closer with some of the people in this group than I was with others [before being quarantined]. Andrew: I think this helped us realize who our really good friends are and how important they are to us.

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Amelia: How many slides was it? And the format that you all popularized here forces you to talk about other things. One anynoe I felt was nice about our PowerPoint party was, whenever I have an unstructured conversation with my friends these days, we just end up talking about quarantine and the coronavirus. Amelia: What was yours on?

So I made a whole PowerPoint just summing up the show. Walter: Quarantine is getting really boring. This is a way to come together, in a different way—teaching instead of just talking. We all picked a random topic—some topics were really goofy. Amelia: My topic was some of the most notorious unsolved murders and who the most likely suspects would be.

Lane: Our final band competition of the year got canceled. Audrey Lapuyade: Walter sent us a post about [someone doing] something similar. Ig You make a random PowerPoint on something that you enjoy, and you present it to your friends.

6 things to do with your friends (even if you can't be there in person)

Popular Latest. I think a Zoom meeting can last up to 40 minutes and we had to restart it three times.

One of our English teachers was really into having us learn and research about it—she put up this tracker of how many cases [there were], and that was when it started to hit us. This week she talks with a group of eighth graders at Seabrook Intermediate School in Seabrook, Texas, who are stuck at home because of the coronavirus pandemic. Beck: Can everybody introduce the title of your presentation, or the topic that you presented on? For example, if we were hiding, Georgia would start doing this really high-pitched laugh that she does and compromise our spot.

If you or someone you know should be featured on The Friendship Files, get in touch at friendshipfiles theatlantic.

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Beck: So I have something to confess to you guys, which is that I percent stole your idea. Walter: Mulan, definitely. I feel closer to Andrew now. It lets you work on something other than school that you actually want to do on your computer. Beck: Let me look it up … It was 18 slides.

15 habits of extremely boring people

Take care of yourself. They discuss their initial reactions to their school closing, explain the appeal of a PowerPoint party over other kinds of virtual hangouts, and share what isolation has taught them about friendship. Georgia Perello: My favorite show is The Office. Audrey: It was interesting to listen to, because everyone got to share something that they were passionate about.

I really depend on body language to help myself with conversations. Andrew Newmyer: [Our school] started by adding a couple of days to spring break.

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This is a lot more difficult and wilder than we ly thought it was. We are engaged on the issue and committed to looking at options that support our full range of digital offerings to the EU market.

A lot of us put in a lot of effort. A lot of us were looking forward to it. To entertain themselves, they hosted a PowerPoint party on Saturday. PowerPoints helped us actually focus on the topics we wanted to talk about.

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This is something that we can control. But I never realized how much not going to school would affect me.

Lane: A lot of people, including myself, were joking about it at first, about how glad they were that school was postponed indefinitely. We changed it up and made it our own.

For myself, she said that I would be very chill, but the second that we got into a conflict with someone else, I would pull out a ton of weapons.